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My Steven Eagell Apprenticeship: Paris - Direct Marketing Apprentice

My Steven Eagell Apprenticeship:

Paris - Direct Marketing Apprentice

We are excited to be supporting National Apprenticeship Week 2024, an initiative that aims to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses and the wider economy.

Throughout National Apprenticeship Week, we are sharing a different Q&A with a current or former Steven Eagell Group apprentice on our blog and social media, showcasing the many benefits apprenticeships offer employers and individuals. Each success story will feature participants sharing insights into their experience of completing an apprenticeship.

Today we’re talking to Paris Lorentzen Crowther. Paris started a Direct Marketing Apprenticeship in January 2022 and is based at our Milton Keynes head office.


Why did you apply for an apprenticeship at Steven Eagell Group? 

I was interested in completing a course in Digital Marketing and I noticed that Steven Eagell Group was recruiting for apprentices at the time. I also knew a couple of people who had previously worked for the company and they had nothing but good things to say about their experiences!

How did you find your apprenticeship and what did the interview process involve? 

I found my apprenticeship on the GOV.UK website, after which I discussed it with my local college to decide whether it would be right for me. Once confirmed, I had an interview via Zoom with the Marketing Manager at Steven Eagell Group. This was followed by a face-to-face interview at our Milton Keynes head office. 

What does a typical day look like for you? What are your day-to-day duties? 

I manage all of our social media platforms, email accounts and paid social media adverts. My day starts by checking our email inboxes, either responding to the enquiry or forwarding it to the correct department or member of staff, as well as responding to any comments or messages on social media. 

I then either create new adverts or track the performance of our live ads, making appropriate changes when required. I also regularly have meetings with Meta and LinkedIn to discuss the performance of our adverts. 

In addition to this, I create and schedule posts across all of our social media platforms at least three times per week. I also manage our aftersales point-of-sale materials, ensuring we have enough in stock and sending POS to the appropriate centres when required. 

How often do you attend college as part of your apprenticeship? 

For the first year of my apprenticeship, I attended college once each week. The second year was home studies, so I received one day off during the week where I worked from home, either completing my Google Analytics course (which was all online) or working on my portfolio. 

During the second year of my apprenticeship, I chose to work from the office as often as possible as I prefer the environment. My college occasionally held workshops that would take two days and these counted as my ‘out of hours’ work. 

Are you able to put the things you learn at college into practice at work? 

Yes, I found that I’m able to bring new ideas that I have learned and developed at college into my job to try out in practice. I also began to understand more about why we do certain things and the meaning behind them.   

What are you enjoying most about your apprenticeship? 

I really enjoy learning new things and being able to test and give things a go in a real-life setting. I am treated as an equal on the team and they always consider my views and opinions. My manager is also extremely encouraging which has helped to develop my confidence. 

What skills have you developed during your apprenticeship?

Thanks to my apprenticeship, I understand the principles of marketing, coding and Google Analytics. I am also able to work the back end of our website, including making new pages, and I can generate emails and create digital campaigns.

What kind of support/training do you receive at work? 

My manager and I work really closely together. We have weekly meetings to discuss anything either of us would like to speak about. I also have an in-depth one-to-one every three months where we discuss my progress and goals in more detail. 

How do you think your apprenticeship will help you to achieve your future career goals?  

I think my apprenticeship will really help me grow as a Digital Marketer. The new ideas, skills and methods that I have developed throughout my apprenticeship will enable me to navigate the fact that digital platforms are constantly progressing and evolving. 

Would you recommend an apprenticeship? If so, why?

Yes, I would recommend an apprenticeship as they provide hands-on learning, rather than just sitting in a classroom. Also, apprenticeships usually only take around 18 months to complete, compared to university courses which normally take around three years.

To view all of our current vacancies at Steven Eagell Group, including apprenticeship positions, please visit our careers page here.

Keep an eye on our blog and social media channels this week to read more Q&As with current and former apprentices gaining hands-on experience across our business, as part of our support for National Apprenticeship Week 2024.