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Lexus Vehicle Health Check - Amber Warning

When you recently brought your Lexus in to us, we flagged some issues during it's vehicle health check.


What Is A Vehicle Health Check?

Whenever you visit a Lexus Service Centre for repair or service maintenance, your technician will undertake a complimentary Visual Health Check on your Lexus.

This ensures the safety and long term reliability of your vehicle by analysing a number of components. The components within the check will then be rated either Red, Amber or Green, highlighting any actions that may be required and, importantly whether the repair is urgent (Red), imminent (Amber) or all is well (Green).

To keep your vehicle in peak condition it is important you have any issues identified in the vehicle health check as soon as possible.


Booking Your Vehicle In For Repairs​


Why choose your local Lexus Centre for Servicing and Repairs?

There are a range of benefits to servicing your Lexus at your local Lexus Centre including:

  • Expertly trained Lexus technicians
  • Hybrid and electric experts
  • Convenient solutions such as a courtesy car, drop off, wait-in and collection & delivery.
  • Only genuine Lexus parts are used

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