Muddy Stilettos - Lexus LBX Competition

Competition Terms and Conditions

  • Competition ends at 11:59pm on 6th June 2024
  • The competition is run in conjunction with Steven Eagell Limited
  • Your prize will include:
    • The use of an All-New Lexus LBX for the weekend (Friday pm - Monday am)
    • One-night stay for two in a Superior room with a view at the luxurious Cave Hotel in Boughton, Nr Canterbury
    • Firepit tasting menu matched with a wine flight for two
    • Breakfast for two
  • The winner must be 25 and over and have a valid UK driving license
  • To be eligible to win the prize, entrants must reside at a home address within a region where Steven Eagell Limited operates a Lexus franchise (see table below for list of eligible postcode districts)
  • The winner will need to agree to additional Steven Eagell Limited terms and conditions in relation to the use of the vehicle
  • No cash alternative will be offered
  • Once contacted, the winner will have 48 hours to claim their prize
  • The dates of the prize redemption need to be agreed with Steven Eagell Limited upon selection
  • The winner will need to agree to additional terms set out by The Cave Hotel:
    • Vouchers are non-transferable and non-refundable
    • If the voucher is lost or stolen this cannot be replaced
    • Booking must be made in advance quoting the reference number and the entire value used in one transaction, voucher redeemed at time of booking and require 24 hours notice to be changed. Only one change to reservation permitted
    • A discretionary service charge of 12.5% is added to all food and beverage prior to receipt and payment
    • Valid for 12 months from date of issue, unless stated otherwise in the voucher description
    • Valid for new bookings only, all bookings are subject to availability
  • Employees of Steven Eagell Limited or anyone else professionally connected with this promotion are not eligible to enter.

Qualifying Postcode Districts

AL1 B6 BN43 CO7 HP22 ME11 NN29 OX9 SG4 TN31
AL10 B60 BN44 CO8 HP23 ME12 NN3 PE1 SG5 TN32
AL2 B61 BN45 CO9 HP3 ME13 NN4 PE12 SG6 TN33
AL3 B62 BN5 CT1 HP4 ME14 NN5 PE13 SG7 TN34
AL4 B63 BN6 CT10 HP5 ME15 NN6 PE14 SG8 TN35
AL5 B64 BN7 CT11 HP6 ME16 NN7 PE15 SG9 TN36
AL6 B65 BN8 CT12 HP7 ME17 NN8 PE16 ST19 TN37
AL7 B66 BN88 CT13 HP8 ME18 NN9 PE19 SY1 TN38
AL8 B67 BN9 CT14 IP1 ME19 NR1 PE2 SY2 TN39
AL9 B68 BN99 CT15 IP10 ME2 NR10 PE26 SY3 TN4
B1 B69 CB1 CT16 IP11 ME20 NR11 PE27 SY4 TN40
B10 B7 CB10 CT17 IP12 ME3 NR12 PE28 SY5 TN5
B11 B70 CB11 CT18 IP13 ME4 NR13 PE29 SY6 TN6
B12 B71 CB2 CT19 IP14 ME5 NR14 PE3 SY7 TN7
B13 B72 CB21 CT2 IP15 ME6 NR15 PE30 SY9 TN8
B14 B73 CB22 CT20 IP16 ME7 NR16 PE31 TF1 TN9
B15 B74 CB23 CT21 IP17 ME8 NR17 PE32 TF10 WD3
B16 B75 CB24 CT3 IP18 ME9 NR18 PE33 TF11 WD4
B17 B76 CB25 CT4 IP19 ME99 NR19 PE34 TF12 WD5
B18 B77 CB3 CT5 IP2 MK1 NR2 PE35 TF13 WD6
B19 B78 CB4 CT50 IP20 MK10 NR20 PE36 TF2 WD7
B2 B79 CB5 CT6 IP21 MK11 NR21 PE37 TF3 WS1
B20 B8 CB6 CT7 IP22 MK12 NR22 PE38 TF4 WS10
B21 B9 CB7 CT8 IP23 MK13 NR23 PE4 TF5 WS11
B23 B90 CB8 CT9 IP24 MK14 NR24 PE6 TF6 WS12
B24 B91 CB9 CV9 IP25 MK15 NR25 PE7 TF7 WS13
B25 B92 CM0 DA12 IP26 MK16 NR26 RH10 TF8 WS14
B26 B93 CM19 DY1 IP27 MK17 NR27 RH11 TN1 WS2
B27 B94 CM20 DY10 IP28 MK18 NR28 RH12 TN10 WS3
B28 B97 CM21 DY11 IP29 MK19 NR29 RH13 TN11 WS4
B29 B98 CM22 DY12 IP3 MK2 NR3 RH15 TN12 WS5
B3 BN1 CM23 DY13 IP30 MK3 NR30 RH16 TN13 WS6
B30 BN10 CM24 DY2 IP31 MK4 NR31 RH17 TN14 WS7
B31 BN11 CM3 DY3 IP32 MK40 NR32 RH18 TN15 WS8
B32 BN12 CM7 DY4 IP33 MK41 NR33 RH19 TN16 WS9
B33 BN13 CM77 DY5 IP4 MK42 NR34 RH2 TN17 WV1
B34 BN14 CM8 DY6 IP5 MK43 NR35 RH6 TN18 WV10
B35 BN15 CM9 DY7 IP6 MK44 NR4 RH7 TN19 WV11
B36 BN16 CO1 DY8 IP7 MK45 NR5 SG1 TN2 WV12
B37 BN2 CO10 DY9 IP8 MK46 NR6 SG10 TN20 WV13
B38 BN20 CO11 EN10 IP9 MK5 NR7 SG11 TN21 WV14
B4 BN21 CO12 EN11 IP98 MK6 NR8 SG12 TN22 WV15
B40 BN22 CO13 EN6 LU1 MK7 NR9 SG13 TN23 WV16
B42 BN23 CO14 EN7 LU2 MK77 OX15 SG14 TN24 WV2
B43 BN24 CO15 HP1 LU3 MK8 OX16 SG15 TN25 WV3
B44 BN25 CO16 HP17 LU4 MK9 OX17 SG16 TN26 WV4
B45 BN26 CO2 HP18 LU5 NN1 OX25 SG17 TN27 WV5
B46 BN27 CO3 HP19 LU6 NN10 OX26 SG18 TN28 WV6
B47 BN3 CO4 HP2 LU7 NN12 OX27 SG19 TN29 WV7
B48 BN41 CO5 HP20 ME1 NN13 OX3 SG2 TN3 WV8
B5 BN42 CO6 HP21 ME10 NN2 OX5 SG3 TN30 WV9