Toyota Winter Tyres

Toyota Winter Tyres

Why use winter tyres?

Stay safe this winter with Toyota winter tyres - they're designed to provide superior grip on wet, snowy and icy roads.

Their unique tread pattern and compound remains supple when temperatures fall below 7ºC and is designed to displace water and slush from under the tyre and increase grip, dramatically reducing aquaplaning and braking distances for a safer driving experience.

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Frequently asked questions:

Can I use winter tyres all year round? 

  • It’s not recommended. To cope with freezing conditions, winter tyres are made from rubber that’s softer and more flexible than the compound found in summer tyres. As a result, in warmer conditions winter tyres wear more easily, increase your vehicle’s fuel consumption and lengthen braking distances.

How should I store my winter tyres?

  • You should always keep your winter tyres in a cool, dry and dark environment. If you’re storing tyres without rims, ensure they are stood upright, while tyres complete with rims fitted should always be laid flat – avoiding contact with grease, petrol and oil. Some Toyota Retailers offer a tyre storage service, contact your local retailer to find out more.

How long do winter tyres last?

  • Depending on annual mileage, winter tyres are designed to last between one to five years if properly stored when not in use. Both physical and chemical reactions cause tyres to age, and this can happen to tyres that are rarely or never driven on. A winter tyre that been correctly stored should still meet the specifications of, and perform like, a new tyre.

How can I identify low-noise winter tyres?

  • The noise performance of a winter tyre can be identified on the EU Tyre Label applied to all new winter tyres since 2012. The noise rating is explained by a measurement in decibels and by a black soundwave graphic.

What types of winter tyres are available?

  • Advances in tyre technology has improved the performance of winter tyres to the point where studded tyres are only necessary in the most extreme conditions.

Are there any tips for driving in winter?

  • Whichever type of tyre you fit, remember that winter driving requires skills beyond those needed in the summer. Allow extra space for slowing and stopping, be gentle on the corners and always reduce your speed.