The Automotive 30% Club

The Automotive 30% Club is a voluntary network of MDs and CEOs from UK based automotive manufacturing, retailing and supplier companies, with the purpose of achieving a better gender balance within the automotive industry, and with the aim of filling at least 30% of key leadership positions in the member organisations with diverse women by 2030.

Club founder, Julia Muir said: "I'm very pleased to welcome on board Steven Eagell, CEO of Steven Eagell Group, as the newest member of the Automotive 30% Club. As a leader with strong inclusive values and being the country's largest Toyota and Lexus retailer with 30 sites, Steven's membership complements that of Toyota GB President Agustin Martin and will create a significant opportunity for progressing gender balance and inclusion in the sector."

Steven Eagell said: “Diversity and inclusivity are at the core of our people strategy so there is already a natural synergy with the aspirations of the Automotive 30% Club. I am delighted to have joined the club and I’m very much looking forward to working with the team, patrons and other members to assist with retaining and attracting top talent to the industry”.