Steven Eagell Acquisition of Marshall Motor Group Dealerships

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a service plan, will this be transferred to Steven Eagell?

A: Yes, we will honour all existing service plans and the balances from each account have been transferred over.

Q: I booked my car in for service/MOT/Repair, will this need to be re-booked?

A: No, all bookings have been transferred over and you will receive an email confirming this.

Q: I had my car serviced in the last 12 months and benefited from the 12-month warranty, will this be honoured?

A: Yes, this is a manufacturer-backed warranty and will be honoured.

Q: I purchased a car some time ago with warranty, will this transfer over?

A: Yes, all documented warranty policies will be honoured.

Q: I have a new/used car on order and would like an update on the delivery date.

A: All orders have been transferred over and original estimated delivery dates should not be affected. If the delivery is imminent, please contact the dealership sales department (same number) and they will update you. Alternatively, please email our customer care team with your name, contact details and location of the branch where you placed your order.

Q: Will my deposit paid on a new car order be transferred over?

A: Yes, all deposits have been transferred over and will be honoured.

Q: Will my finance application need to be resubmitted?

A: To ensure FCA compliance regulations are met, we will need all applications to be resubmitted. Your sales team will help with this process.

Q: Will the contact numbers for all branches have stayed the same?

A: Yes, the phone numbers remain as before.

Q: I was previously a customer of Lexus Maidstone, will I still receive Service and MOT reminders?

A: Yes, we will continue to inform you when your service or MOT is due and invite you to make a booking at your nearest Lexus branch (Canterbury, Gatwick, Tunbridge Wells or Southend).

Q: Will staff email addresses remain the same as previously?

A: Unfortunately, these will have changed to

Q: Can I update my marketing preferences so that I only receive invitations to events and/or receive service and MOT reminders?

A: Yes, please click here to update your marketing preferences.

Q: I have moved recently, can I update details?

A: Yes, please click here to change any personal details.

Q: I don’t recall having any dealings with Marshall Motor Group. Can you delete my details?

A: Yes, please click here to request deletion of your data.

Q: I would like to contact my local branch, where can I find the phone number?

A: Please click here to find information for all our branches.

Q: I have another question, who can I contact?

A: Please email our customer care team

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